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Our unique high-strength formula of 47 key nutrients is optimized for men’s health, performance, and vitality.

  • A high-strength blend of 47 key nutrients and active ingredients
  • Five superior ingredient blends
  • Supports men’s health, energy, and vitality
  • Helps to maintain proper muscle function
  • 90 easy-to-swallow caplets

Say hello to the ultimate multivitamin blend, specially designed to help you take your performance to the next level – and beyond.

Packed with 47 key nutrients and active ingredients across five performance blends, the recipe brings together 13 essential vitamins, with minerals, amino acids, carotenoids, and botanicals. One caplet, total performance.



Ultra, by nature

Ultra Blend is a unique combination of essential vitamins and minerals formulated for your total health and well-being.

Sharp mind, energized body

Let the energizing B vitamins work their magic. They’re here to support everyday energy and vitality and help reduce tiredness and fatigue. And with the Memory Blend, you have the help you need to keep a memory, mental performance, and cognitive and psychological function right where they should be.

Immunity and recovery support

Immunity, we’ve got you. Vitamins A and D join the antioxidant protection of vitamin E, plus a high dose of vitamin C. Together, they help protect your immune system, even after you’ve pushed yourself with intense exercise. Want a speedy recovery? The Amino Acid Blend is here, with a blend of L-Methionine, L-Taurine, L-Carnitine, and L-Glutamine.

Essential minerals

Pushing hard means getting minerals back into your body. Ultra Men’s Sport helps replenish essential minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, and iron, which contribute to electrolyte balance, normal muscle function and protein synthesis, oxygen transport, and keeping your bones strong and healthy.

Hormonal support

The Fruit and Vegetable Blend is here for your hormones and body’s chemical balance, with zinc to support your fertility, reproduction, and testosterone levels, plus vitamin B6, to help regulate hormonal activity. The Prostate Health Blend keeps your prostate health tip-top with ingredients like pumpkin seed powder, lycopene, and Saw Palmetto berry extract.

Maximum nourishment, optimized performance

Ultra Men’s Sport is packed full of extra nutrients and botanicals, designed to give you maximum nourishment and full support. Essential amino acids are joined by a unique blend of 10 fruit and vegetable powders, a selection of potent carotenoids, and much more.



Per 1 caplet %NRV*

Per 2 caplets %NRV*

Vitamin A

1125 mcg (141%)

2.25 mg (281%)

Vitamin C

100 mg (125%)

200 mg (250%)

Vitamin D3

20 mcg (400%)

40 mcg (800%)

Vitamin E

10 mg (84%)

20 mg (167%)

Vitamin K1

40 mcg (53%)

80 mcg (107%)

Vitamin B1

25 mg (2273%)

50 mg (4545%)

Vitamin B2

25 mg (1786%)

50 mg (3571%)

Vitamin B3

25 mg (156%)

50 mg (313%)

Vitamin B6

25 mg (1786%)

50 mg (3571%)

Folic Acid

200 mcg (100%)

400 mcg (200%)

Vitamin B12

25 mcg (1000%)

50 mcg (2000%)


150 mcg (300%)

300 mcg (600%)

Pantothenic Acid

25 mg (417%)

50 mg (833%)


100 mg (12.5%)

200 mg (25%)


75 mcg (50%)

150 mcg (100%)


50 mg (13%)

100 mg (27%)


12.5 mg (125%)

25 mg (250%)


100 mcg (182%)

200 mcg (364%)


1 mg (100%)

2 mg (200%)


1 mg (50%)

2 mg (100%)


60 mcg (150%)

120 mcg (300%)


37.5 mcg (75%)

75 mcg (150%)

Aminoblend (L-carnitine, L-taurine, L-glutamine, L-methionine)

51 mg**

102 mg**

Fruit & Vegetables Powerblend (Orange peel powder, acai fruit powder, cranberry fruit powder, blueberry fruit powder, pomegranate fruit powder, broccoli powder, spinach leaves, elderberry fruit powder, tomato fruit powder)

43.5 mg**

87 mg**

Memoblend (Choline (as Choline Bitartrate), Inositol, Silicon (as Silicon Dioxide))

12 mg**

24 mg**

Prostablend (pumpkin seed powder, rowanberry extract, lycopene)

9.5 mg**

19 mg**

Alpha-lipoic acid

12.5 mcg**

25 mcg**

Green tea extract

20 mg**

40 mg**


475 mcg**

950 mcg**


95 mcg**

190 mcg**


25 mcg**

50 mcg**


* NRV: % of nutrient reference values

** NRV not established

Package: 90 caplets

Calcium carbonate, thickener Microcrystalline cellulose, L -ascorbic acid, magnesium oxide, Corn starch, Amino blend (L-carnitine, L-taurine, L-glutamine, L-methionine) Fruit &Vegetable Power blend (Orange (Citrus reticulata Blanco) peel powder, Acai (Euterpe oleracea) berry powder, Blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) fruit powder, Pomegranate (Punica granatum) seeds powder, Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) fruit powder, Broccoli (Brassica oleracea) powder, Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) leaves powder, Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) fruit powder, Grape (Vitis vinifera) skin extract, Tomato (Solanum Lycopersicon) fruit powder), stabilizer Cross-linked sodium carboxymethylcellulose,  anti-caking agent Magnesium salt of fatty acids, Thiamine mononitrate, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, dl-alfa-tocopheryl acetate, pantothenate, Riboflavin, Cyanocobalamin, anti-caking agent Fatty acids, Memo blend (Choline bitartrate, Inositol, Silicon dioxide), Nicotinamide, L-selenomethionine, Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) leaves extract, Prostablend (Lycopene, Pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata Poiret) seed powder, Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) fruit extract), Zinc oxide, Alpha-lipoic acid, Cholecalciferol, thickening agent Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Beta-carotene, Copper gluconate, Calcium L-ascorbate, Nicotinic acid, Manganese sulphate, Retinyl acetate, Lutein, Phytomenadione, Astaxanthin, Zeaxanthin, Chromium chloride, Pteroylmonoglutamic acid, D -biotin, Potassium iodide, Sodium molybdate. 

Coating: hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose E464, hydroxypropyl cellulose E463, talc E 553b, starch sodium octenyl succinate E1450, triglycerides medium chain vegetable oil. 

Adult take 1-2 caplets daily with meal.