Who we are

For 15+ years people have come to us looking for industry-leading nutrition. And we haven’t let them down.

Our rich history and deep understanding of health and nutrition have helped us push the limits of what’s possible and exceed expectations.

We think without limits, we re-imagine what’s possible, we invent products and re-invent categories. We solve problems. We improve. And then we improve some more.

Our customers are committed to being that little bit better every day. And so are we.

We exist to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary things.

What we do

Innovation is in our blood and we continue to create cutting-edge products; each packed with high-quality, high-performing ingredients and designed to fit perfectly with our customer’s busy lives.

Every product is designed to be safe, effective and enjoyable.

From taste to texture, performance to price, we’re on a mission to provide the best all-round nutrition possible. But we don’t just fuel workouts, we inspire people to dream big. And dreaming big is the first step to becoming healthier, fitter, faster and stronger.

We empower individuals, motivate teams, and strive to support anyone willing to embrace a challenge.

Without compromise

You won’t compromise on your dreams and we won’t compromise when helping you achieve them.

Following our scientific approach, we are committed to continuous research and development to help you perform.

No half measures and no cutting corners. We give our best so you can give theirs.

Our ambition is to ensure every customer experiences safe, effective and mouth-watering nutrition.

Without exception, without compromise.

We are a family of brands

Combined excellence

We are founded on expertise in physiology and we have a deep understanding of health and wellbeing. We know our stuff and we're happy to share our knowledge.

Our science-backed products are created with the highest quality ingredients and we ensure our standards are upheld throughout our supply chains. We pride ourselves on integrity and trust.

We believe our customers should never have to compromise on quality for price when it comes to nutrition. We provide industry-leading formulas at a market competitive price.

We have come along way over the years, and with our passionate, imaginative and innovative team, we won't be slowing down any time soon.

Expect great taste, great quality, great performance. Without compromise.

VP Laboratory

VP Laboratory provides our premium range of pharmaceutical-grade supplements. Each product is packed with safe, potent and effective ingredients to help support optimal health and wellness.


UltraVit is an innovative company with deep roots in sports nutrition and supplement industry, our DNA comes from VPLab Nutrition. Our products are developed by the R&D team of professionals with huge knowledge of high-performing ingredients and natural product formulas that provide the best results.

Our team is passionate about quality and innovation, which is why we only work with natural and highly bioavailable formulas that guarantee only the best results. We develop smart and simple products in all possible forms that are effective and make you feel good.