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Elevate your vitality, health, and performance with the Vplab Ultra Men's Power Box. This meticulously assembled collection includes three potent supplements – Tribulus, Multivitamin Formula, and EAA+ – each selected to support and enhance male well-being and physical performance. From optimizing workouts and enriching your diet with essential nutrients to fostering muscle growth, the Ultra Men's Power Box is your all-encompassing solution to achieving peak performance. 


  • Comprehensive Men’s Health Support: Tailored to enhance overall well-being, energy levels, and vitality. 
  • Optimized Physical Performance: Aids in improving workout results, muscle growth, and recovery. 
  • Nutrient-Rich Formulas: Each supplement is packed with vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals specifically chosen for men. 


What’s inside?

VPLAB ULTRA MEN'S SPORT MULTIVITAMIN FORMULA (90 caplets). Unique high-strength formula of 47 key nutrients and active ingredients across five performance blends is optimized for men’s health, performance, and vitality.

VPLAB EAA+. Essential amino acids (EAAs) cannot be synthesized by the body; they must come from food and supplements. The blend of all essential amino acids, key minerals, and B-group vitamins activates muscle protein synthesis and, in addition, speeds up recovery time and helps reduce muscle soreness after physical activity.

VPLAB TRIBULUS. This powerful combination of tribulus terrestris and zinc citrate is formulated to support natural testosterone levels, fertility and reproduction, protein synthesis, and immunity.

You get 15% discount when you purchase our all-in-one kit compared to buying the products separately!

Inside the box, you'll discover the Ultra Men's Sport Multivitamin Formula with 47 essential nutrients, the EAA+ for muscle protein synthesis and recovery, and Tribulus to support natural testosterone levels and immunity. Enjoy a 15% discount on this all-in-one kit versus purchasing the products individually, making it not only a powerful health booster but also a smart investment in your wellness journey. 


Ultra Men's Sport Multivitamin Formula: A high-strength blend of nutrients for health, performance, and vitality. 

EAA+: Essential amino acids for muscle protein synthesis, recovery, and reduced soreness. 

Tribulus: Supports testosterone levels, fertility, protein synthesis, and immune health.