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By Vplab

Vplab's Strong Omega 3 offers a high-quality, highly concentrated fish oil supplement designed to support overall health. Enriched with Vitamin E and boasting a high daily dose of EPA and DHA, this supplement is tailored for maintaining normal brain function and promoting cardiovascular and vision health. Each bottle contains 60 easy-to-swallow soft tablets, making it a convenient addition to your daily health routine. 


  • Cardiovascular Health: Helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and maintains good blood vessel condition. 
  • Brain Function: Supports normal brain function, enhancing cognitive health. 
  • Vision Support: Contributes to the maintenance of normal vision, keeping your eyes healthy. 
  • Joint and Skin Wellness: Improves the condition of skin, nails, hair, and joints, promoting overall vitality. 

Strong Omega 3 is distinguished by its high content of EPA and DHA fatty acids, crucial for reducing cardiovascular risk, strengthening immunity, and supporting metabolic processes. This supplement not only aids in maintaining normal weight but also enhances the condition of skin, nails, and hair, thanks to its potent omega-3 formulation. 


  • High-Quality Fish Oil: Sourced for purity and potency, providing the best in omega-3 supplementation. 
  • Rich in EPA & DHA: High doses of these essential fatty acids for comprehensive health support. 
  • Vitamin E Enriched: Added antioxidant benefits to protect cells from oxidative stress. 
  • 60 Soft Tablets: Conveniently packaged for daily use, supporting long-term health benefits. 


Per 1 softgel 

Per 2 softgels 

Fish Oil  

1000 mg

2000 mg

- of which total Omega-3

550 mg

1100 mg


330 mg

660 mg


220 mg

440 mg

Vitamin E

2 mg (17%)*

4 mg (33%)*

Ingredients: Fish oil concentrate (70.4%), softgel capsule (gelatin, humectant (glycerin), water), coating material (shellac, lecithin, medium chain triglyceride, sodium alginate, stearic acid), vitamin E (as D-alpha tocopherol) 

Package: 60 softgels 

Directions: 1-2 softgels daily with liquid to a meal.